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Privacy Policy


DreamLoft Limited Privacy Policy


1.1 DreamLoft Limited (“we” / “us”) makes applications for everyone to experience and enjoy. We are committed to our players and wish to ensure that the collection and use of any personal information received is performed in an open and transparent manner. This document, our Privacy Policy, describes how we process, store, collect, distribute, and use information about our players through our Services. “Services” is the collective term used throughout this Privacy Policy for our applications, this website, and any related services.   

1.2 DreamLoft Limited is a registered company in New Zealand.


2.1 By using our Services, you understand and consent to the use of your information as described in this this Privacy Policy. It is important to note that this consent is yours to give, and you are free to choose whether to provide information about you or not. 

2.2 Throughout this Privacy Policy we refer to “Personal Information”. Personal Information is personally identifiable information, such as your name and e-mail address. “Non-Personal Information” is information that is anonymous in nature, such as aggregate demographic information, or automatically collected information such as an IP address. 

2.3 The obligations set out in this Privacy Policy concern Personal Information. However, our handling of Non-Personal Information is also covered in this Privacy Policy for the sake of transparency.


Data we collect

  • Your IP address and mobile device identifiers (such as your MAC address, IMEI, device ID, advertising ID).

  • Data relating to your game progress. 

  • Information about how you interact with our Services including: which country you are accessing our applications in, the model of cellphone or device you are using, which language your device is set to, the dates you are using our applications, the in-game options you choose, specific actions you choose to perform in game, gameplay data, and event data that relates to specific actions or a combination of actions. 

  • General location data.

  • Records of our correspondence with you (if you send us emails or Facebook messages, we may keep these on record).

  • Interactions with our social media – in particular your posts to our Facebook page or mentions on twitter.

  • Data concerning crashes or errors in our Services so that we can identify problems and resolve them. 

  • Information through cookies and similar technology.

Data we collect from our partners

  • Demographic data (such as the country you accessed our Services from). 

  • Data we receive from third parties when you connect a third party service with our Services (such as data from Facebook). 

  • Data for advertising and analytics purposes to help enhance our Services. 

  • Data on crashes and errors that occur within our Services. 

  • Data on the dates and times you access our Services. 


4.1 To provide you with the Services

In order for our Services to function correctly, we process data necessary to:

  • Confirm and verify your payments.

  • Deliver products and services you requested.

  • Verify and synchronize the times you access our Services when providing time dependent actions within our Services (such as receiving daily rewards). 

  • Communicate with you (for example, when responding to email help requests).

  • To be able to provide you with in game functionality. For example, if you connect one of our games to Facebook, we collect data in order to display your friends, show your game score to your friends, and other in-game interactions not possible without such data. 

4.2 To enhance and improve our Services

In order to enhance and improve our Services, we collect data to:

  • Improve experiences for players using the Services. 

  • Customize your specific player experiences.

  • Manage our relationship and interactions with you.

  • Understand how you use our Services in order to better tailor our Services to players.

  • Offer you with in-game deals.

  • Send you information concerning updates, bug fixes, and related support messages.

4.3 To combat cheating and fraud

The data we collect helps us to identify cheating and bad actors in order to help keep our services safe and fair.  

4.4 To show personalized advertisements

For those applications that show advertisements, we have a legitimate interest to process data for the purposes of:

  • Delivering, targeting, and improving advertising and the way it is delivered within the Service.

  • Tracking the content you interact with in relation to the Services. 

4.5 To analyse and profile information

With respect to any data collected in the purposes outlined above, we may analyse data for the purpose of better understanding and processing it. This may involve profiling, segmenting, and performing machine learning and statistical analysis.


Apart from DreamLoft, your data may be seen by: 

5.2 Other users (when linking your social networks)

When you link social media services (such as Facebook) with our services, other players and users may be able to see your scores, first name, and profile picture associated with the social media service involved. 

5.2 Our data partners

DreamLoft works with other partners in order to provide our Services. These partners process data only in accordance with our agreement/s with them for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. 

Our partners and service providers, including Facebook and Google, may use cookies, SDKs and related tools to enable them to collect and analyse data, such as your device identifier, MAC address, geo-location information, and your viewing of and interactions with advertising. These partners may perform functions such as data storage and hosting (to enable players to store their scores), crash reporting (to help us identify and resolve in-game issues), providing advertising (including targeted advertising), and enabling social functions in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5.3 Note regarding advertising links

Advertising within our Services may be delivered by us or one of more third-party advertisers. When you click or tap on an advertisement you may be taken to another service outside of our control. Importantly, your interaction with external sites and services linked to through advertising is not controlled by us or governed by this Privacy Policy, and it is important to consider the privacy policies in place for such external services when interacting with them.


6.1 Our applications may provide you with the opportunity to connect with third party social networks (such as Facebook or Google Plus). These services are not maintained or controlled by DreamLoft. When interacting with third party social networks you should take care to read the terms of and conditions of your interaction with such networks.

6.2 When you connect with social networks via our applications, we may provide basic information about your engagement with our Services with your friends and other users. This information includes your profile picture, first name, and scores (for example, the level you have reached in a game), and information about your progress and achievements in our Services. This information is shared to enable features such as leaderboards, and to allow you to identify and share information such as high scores with your friends. 

6.3 You may stop or alter the way in which our applications interact with your social networks or social platforms by adjusting your settings on those platforms (for example, you can stop any DreamLoft game interacting with Facebook by changing your Facebook settings).



7.1 Cookies are small files which are stored on your device, and are used by a very large number of online services. These files store information about you to help the services we use identify you when you use our applications. 

7.2 We use cookies to so that:

  1. Our applications can interact with third party social networks (such as Facebook).

  2. Payment providers can process your instructions.

  3. To help collect general data concerning how you use our applications to help us improve our applications (such as tailoring our applications to the language you use). 


8.1 Security

We take contractual, administrative, technical and physical steps to protect the Personal Information you provide us with against unauthorised access, loss, alteration, and misuse. 

8.2 Retention

Your data is retained as long as it is needed to provide you with our Services, or as required by law, which may extend the period such data is required.

We may further retain data in circumstances where: such data is required for the recovery of an account, where we have an interest to prevent misuse or fraud, or for analysis of non personally identifiable data. 

Note that If requested to remove personal data we may retain data where it is necessary for legitimate business interests, including dispute resolution, enforcement, and complying with legal obligations.  


We may disclose Personal Information we hold concerning you to third parties where such disclosure is necessary to: 

  • Bring legal action against an individual causing injury, loss, or interference to our Services, property, or other members using our Services.

  • Meet our legal obligations. 

    We may also disclose personal information in relation to:

  • A corporate merger or amalgamation with another entity.

  • A sale of a significant proportion of our stock.

  • Other circumstances in which another entity takes effective control over DreamLoft and its assets, or merges with DreamLoft.  

Provided that any information disclosed in the circumstances above is done so on the basis that such information is only used by another entity for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. 


10.1 Opt-out of direct marketing

In the event that DreamLoft ever sends promotional communications, you have the right to opt-out of these communications by following the included instructions and/or contacting us directly.

10.2 View and amend the Personal Information we hold about you

You have the right to request Personal Information we hold about you. In the event you do so, we will endeavour to provide you with such information (if any) where feasibly possible within a reasonable timeframe. Responses to requests for Personal Information will be provided in an electronic format. 

You also have the right to restrict how we use your Personal Information (note that in some cases this may prevent you from continuing to use our Services), to amend/correct any Personal Information we have about you, and to have your Personal Information deleted. 

10.3 Opt-out of targeted advertising

Android and IOS devices provide the ability to opt-out of direct advertising via their respective privacy settings. On Android, you may configure settings to “opt-out of interest based ads”. On Apple (ios) devices, you may configure settings to “limit ad tracking”. 


11.1 If you are under the age of 13, you must have parental consent to use our Services. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to provide any Personal Information to us, and nor will we knowingly contact or engage with children under the age of 13. 

11.2 If we come to learn that we have collected Personal Information about children under the age of 13, such data will be deleted as soon as possible. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with Personal Information, please contact us. 


12.1 We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. The last change of this Privacy Policy is noted at the end of the policy. Material changes to the policy will be posted on our company homepage at Non-material changes will become effective from the date they are posted. By continuing to use our Services you accept any changes made to this Privacy Policy. 


13.1 You can contact us via: 

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